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Global Biotechnologies, Inc., established in 1993, specializes in the research, development and manufacturing of high technology, leading edge infection control products, contaminant removal systems for fruits, vegetables and meats, immune system support products and health related pet products.

Global Biotechnologies, Inc. also manufactures systems that remove pesticides from solid surfaces used by the pesticide application industry as well as products used in biotechnology applications to remove endotoxins from equipment used to manufacture biological pharmaceuticals. We also manufacture product used to remove unwanted nucleic acids from instruments used to detect biological components using the newest DNA and RNA amplification techniques

Located in Scarborough, Maine, our facility houses our corporate offices, our research and development laboratories and some of our manufacturing. To keep up with the demand, we utilize manufacturing facilities in New Hampshire and New York. All Global products are manufactured using strict GMP guidelines using FDA and EPA protocols.

Global Biotechnologies continues to develop and market new and innovative products for infection control and immune support. These products will prove invaluable for the elderly, very young, cancer patients that have undergone chemotherapy and radiation, patients with immune system disorders like allergies and asthma and AIDS patients.

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