antimicrobial skin care products

hard surface disinfectantshealth related pet products
contaminant removal system for fruits, vegetables and meats
antimicrobial skin care products

hard surface disinfectants


to Global Biotechnologies, Inc., a world leader in the research, development and manufacturing of professional infection control and health products. Global's product portfolio includes antimicrobial skin care products along with hard surface disinfectants, immune system support products, a contaminant removal system for fruits, vegetables and meats, toxic gas removal products and health related pet products.
antimicrobial skin care products
Most of Global's product sales are made to the medical and dental professions, government agencies and research facilities. Our products are used in 27 countries and are widely accepted wherever high potency, professional grade products are in use. See our partial Client list for an insight into the users of Global Biotechnologies products. Global Biotechnologies also sells its products to consumers who require professional products that have been tested extensively and are FDA and EPA registered.
antimicrobial skin care products
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antimicrobial skin care products
immune system support productsThe President and Director of Research of Global Biotechnologies is Dr. Robert Bogosian, Ph.D. Dr. Bogosian has spent over 35 years in the fields of microbiology, immunology and biotechnology.

Dr. Bogosian is a member of The American Society for Microbiology, The American Society for Reproductive Immunology, The International Society for Cytokine and Interferon Research and The International Society for Infectious Diseases.

American Society For Microbiology
International Society For Infectious Diseases
International Society for Interferon and Cytokine Research
American Society for Reproductive Immunology

We hope that you find the information we have provided both helpful and interesting. We also hope you will try our products. We know that you will benefit from them in many ways.


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antimicrobial skin care products
antimicrobial skin care products
antimicrobial skin care products